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Houston, TX is a city like any other. There are good and bad areas, and you will often find yourself in both at one time or another. Self defense lessons are a good way to stay prepared for anything. Beyond typical martial arts, self defense classes will have you ready to face real-world situations. It does not matter how tall you are. It does not matter how fast you are. It does not matter how strong you are. Arm yourself with technique.

Knowing how to protect yourself is a valuable life skill. Self defense classes provide a safe and organized setting to practice new techniques. While we hope you never have to use these skills in defense of yourself or a loved one, it never hurts to be prepared. Sensei Jason Holmes has a lifetime of experience teaching proper technique and awareness to tackle a variety of situations.

Learning can be fun as well. While the topics and situations may be serious, it always helps to enjoy what you are doing. Martial arts is the best skill to call upon in a threatening situation. JDog’s PKKA will allow you to learn these skills in a friendly group atmosphere. You and your friends can sign up for self defense classes together to make it that much more fun!

Preparedness is our goal. The techniques vary from situation to situation, but they always involve getting away unharmed and/or disabling your attacker. The same holds true for most martial arts disciplines, but instead of sparring in a gi on a mat, you could be wearing jeans in the schoolyard. Parents, if you are worried about your kid’s self-esteem or safety, martial arts is a good place to start.

Schedule an appointment today to stop by and experience our dojo for yourself. We know that once you are here, you will witness the difference self defense and martial arts classes can make in your life.

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