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At JDog’s PKKA of Houston, TX, we focus on the discipline of karate. Kenpo karate can trace its origins back centuries. This ancient style of hand-to-hand combat came to us by way of Okinawan and Hawaiian cultures as it developed into its modern form. Today, it is a fun and disciplined away of gaining self-defense techniques, meeting fitness goals, and improving yourself.

Martial arts classes are known to improve a person’s overall well-being through:

• Fitness – Our Kenpo classes keep you engaged and moving as you learn various hand-to-hand combat techniques. The goal of your training is to constantly improve your body’s movements, so you will also be improving your physical fitness. Martial arts classes give kids, and adults, a chance to be active in a disciplined setting outside the world of organized sports.

• Discipline – Martial arts classes are a perfect combination of inward and outward focus. You must be disciplined and attentive to master the techniques. Hours of dedicated practice are the only way for students to advance. These life lessons carry over into other areas, like schoolwork. We stress setting and achieving goals of all kinds.

• Technique – We combine all forms of hand-to-hand combat in our classes. Our technique includes strikes, grapples, and throws. Our masters are willing and able to pass on the ancient tradition of karate to the next generation.

Aside from our focus on kenpo, we also institute other disciplines into our curriculum such as kickboxing, jujitsu, street fighting self-defense techniques, tae kwon do, and judo. It is our belief that students benefit from the variety, and it keeps things fun and interesting from session to session.

Call JDog’s PKKA today to check our class schedule and see if there is a class time convenient for you. We are a family dojo, and we begin instructing children as young as age four.

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