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Whether for sport or pleasure, kickboxing is an exhilarating discipline that combines aspects of karate, muay thai, and boxing. You can see the sport on display in a variety of venues these days, including mixed martial arts. At JDog’s PKKA in Houston, TX, we incorporate kickboxing into our martial arts curriculum. Students enjoy the change of pace from our karate courses.

Kickboxing classes are open to all ages and skill levels and are beneficial for the following reasons:

• Cardio – Get your heart pumping with high-intensity classes. The fast pace and rapid movements will keep your heart rate jacked and burn calories while improving stamina. Kickboxing is way more fun than hitting the gym and doing the elliptical for an hour.

• Punching – Kickboxing classes are not all about kicks. This style of combat includes a variety of punches similar to conventional boxing. We make sure you throw enough jab-cross combos to have you feeling sore the next day. Our kickboxing routine crosses over perfectly to our other martial arts sessions.

• Kicking – You will start landing those high kicks after a few lessons when you learn from the masters. Conquer the devastating roundhouse kick for a spectacular knockout, or a well-timed front kick to catch your opponent off guard. There is truly nothing more fun than sparring and connecting with a well-balanced kick.

• The Clinch ¬– You may have spotted this move while watching last week’s UFC bout. Every fight ends up in the clinch. In boxing, the clinch is a relatively inactive position to be in. Boxers lay on each other when they are tired or in defense. But in kickboxing, the clinch is the perfect opportunity to grab hold of your opponent’s body and set him up for some serious strikes.

Come visit the best dojo in Houston, TX. We promise a fun and exciting atmosphere that will have you feeling better when you leave than when you came in. What do you have to lose?

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