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About Us | JDog's PKKA - Houston, TX

Finding a family-friendly martial arts studio is important for people looking to get into martial arts or self-defense training. JDog’s PKKA proudly supports the Houston, TX community by offering excellent instruction from a world-class sensei. Sensei Jason Holmes is a fifth-degree black belt and nine-time world champion. He was instructed in the art of kickboxing and kenpo karate by Sensei Cecil Peoples.

Our instruction is tailored to accommodate individuals of all age groups and skill levels. You do not need to be worried about beginning your martial arts journey – you picked the perfect place to start. Every journey starts somewhere, and we do our best to make sure that you will have a smooth launch. The atmosphere at the JDog’s PKKA studio is one of support. We are all advocates for the amazing life experience that martial arts training provides.

JDog’s PKKA offers competitive prices and flexible scheduling to make sure that our martial arts lessons are available to as many people as possible. Family enrollments are encouraged. Taking martial arts lessons as a family is a fun way to get everyone involved and support each other in a common goal. A family that learns together stays together. Reach out to us today to get your journey started!

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